Catering Equipment Rental In Chicago And Suburbs

Thank you so much for making my event come together. With so much to do on our first trade show, you really put my mind at ease. You delivered everything you promised. We will be using you again.

- Beth Scadamcia

Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. provides many different types of catering equipment to events. Please browse our rental selection of catering equipment available for rent.

Beverage Equipment Rental

Cambro_Beverage_Dispenser Igloo_Beverage_Dispenser Insulated_Pourer Insulated_Coffee_Dispenser
Rent Cambro Beverage Dispenser Rent Igloo Beverage Dispenser Rent Insulated Pitcher 60oz Rent Insulated Pitcher 40oz
Pitcher Punch_Bowl Coffee_Maker Cooler
Rent 2 Quart Pitcher Rent Punch Bowl Rent Coffee Maker Rent 100 Quart Cooler
Ice_Table Ice_Trough Super_Cooler Martini_Shaker
Rent Ice Table Rent Ice Trough Rent Keg Super Cooler Rent Martini Shaker

Heating and Cooking Rental

Chafing_Dish_Roll_Top Chafing_Dish_Flat_Top Heat_Lamp Sterno
Rent Chafing Dish Roll Top Rent Chafing Dish Flat Top Rent Heat Lamp Rent Sterno
Propane_Grill Charcoal_Grill Hot_Box_Sterno_Cave Induction_Stove
Rent 2'x5' Propane Grill Rent 2'x5' Charcoal Grill Rent Hot Box/Sterno Cave Rent Induction Stove

Serving Table Top Items Rental

Gravy_Dressing_Boat Creamer_Pourer Sugar_Bowl Salt_Pepper_Shaker
Rent Gravy/Dressing Boat Rent Creamer Pour Rent Sugar Bowl Rent Salt And Pepper Shaker

Serving Utensils Rental

Ladle Serving_Fork Serving_Spoon Ice_Tong
Rent Ladle Rent Serving Fork Rent Serving Spoon Rent Ice Tong
Salad_Tong Tong    
Rent Salad Tong Rent General Tong    

Wait Staff Equipment Rental

Waiter_Stand Waiter_Tray Bus_Cart Bus_Pan
Rent Wait Stand Rent Wait Tray Rent Bus Cart Rent Bus Pan
Table_Number_Holders Table_Numbers    
Rent Table Number Holders Rent Table Numbers    

Cooking and Baking Item Rental

Bakers_Rack Sheet_Pan Chafing_Pan Mixing_Bowl
Rent Bakers Rack Rent Sheet/Baking Pan Rent Chafing Dish Pan Rent Mixing Bowl


Catering Equipment Rental


*Many other options may be available for rent.

Contact Us or Call for Unbeatable Pricing and to inquire about unlisted equipment.

Thank you for choosing Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. for your rental needs. We look forward to assisting with your special event!