Highboy Cocktail Table

Our Cocktail Tables are high-quality and used most often for weddings and formal events.

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The 36 Inch Round Cocktail Table features a bar-height steel column and a wood top, and steel base. These tables can be easily be decorated to fit your aesthetic and work well as both an outdoor or indoor table. Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. provides highboy cocktail tables for rent to many different types of events in the Chicago area. Many Restaurants, Expos, Parties, Fundraisers, Weddings, and any other types of events typically use these tables.

This rental table is referred to by many names: Highboy Table, Hightop Table, Cocktail Table, etc. and generally serve the purpose of a tall table for guests to stand around and put drinks or appetizers on. These Tables come in two sizes, a 30″ Round and 36″ Round. They are the smallest round tables available. A highboy pedestal table can be used indoors or outdoors.

Approximate Seating:
A 30″ Highboy Cocktail table will accommodate 2-3 people.
A 36″ Cocktail table will accommodate 3-4 people.

Recommended Linens:
30″ Highboy/Cocktail Table: 120″ Linen will go to the ground and create a cylinder look. If using a sash, we recommend a 132″ Linen to create an hourglass look.
36″ Highboy/Cocktail Table: 132″ Linen will go to the ground and create a cylinder look. A sash is not recommended.

Constructed for the rental industry and are heavy-duty. Tops are hardwood and the legs are made out of tubular steel. Come in 3 pieces.

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