Par56 LED Uplight

L.E.D. Colored Par Light fixtures are great for adding a little extra flair. Perfect near stages, DJ booths, performances, or to light up tables, backdrops, and more. Call to discuss ideas on how to use these lights to make your event spectacular! Ultimate Rental Services, Inc. provides many amazing lighting options to the Chicagoland Area. We believe that there is no better way to make a venue stand out or to set a mood than by adding uplighting.


Our uplighting experts create very visually appealing effects with our lighting systems. They are true artists that will transform your event into a professional and stunning experience for your guests.

Using LED lighting systems that are more compact, we’re able to easily conceal cables, control centers, and fixtures to allow for maximum aesthetic appeal that will not interfere with the look and feel of your event. Not only are our systems compact and easy to work with, but they’re highly customizable. We can program them to use any color or combination of colors to achieve a certain effect or style. Whether you’re looking for soft and romantic, or vivid and energetic, we have you covered!