Chiavari Chairs

Choose style and elegance with our Chiavari Chair. Great for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, or other formal events.

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These ballroom chairs are the perfect choice for formal gatherings: Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, Corporate Events, and Award Ceremonies. Not only will this chair add style and an elevated aesthetic to your event, but it is also very comfortable! Can be used indoors or outdoors under a tent with a solid floor in place. It is one of the highest quality Chiavari Chairs available. Made with quality construction to prevent breakage, chairs are constructed of beechwood with metal rods in the bottom side crossbars for superior strength.

A Chiavari Ballroom Chair is probably one of the most elegant chairs available for rent in the industry. This rental chair has a padded seat and is most commonly rented when a more elegant option is needed for a banquet hall wedding. The Chiavari Chair is the top standard for rental wedding and gala chairs. These rental Chiavari chairs can only be used indoors or under a tent with a hard floor.

When someone places an order to Chiavari Chairs they will also have the option to pick a color for the pad on the seat.

The 36″ H, 15.75″ W, 15.5″ D. Seat height is 17.25″.

Inventory count is available upon request. We rent thousands of these Chiavari chairs and also offer set up and take down when chairs are rented.

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