Round Table

Round tables are most commonly rented for weddings, private parties, formal dinners, restaurants, bars, and school fundraisers, to name a few.

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Our Round Tables are dining-height (29″ high) and come in 3 sizes: 48″, 60″, and 72″ round. This type of table can also be used as a gift table or as a food serving table, though, our rectangular banquet tables may be more suitable in those use cases.

A 48″ Round Table will typically accommodate 5-6 people.
A 60″ Round Table will typically accommodate 9-10 people.
A 72″ Round Table will typically accommodate 10-12 people.

Our round tables are constructed for the rental industry and can handle the most rigorous applications. Tops are made out of hardwood and the legs are made out of heavy-duty steel. The table comes equipped with a locking mechanism so that the legs will never fold unexpectedly.


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