Pole Tent Rental

Most large tent needs are accommodated with a pole tent. These tents have many uses and capabilities and can be installed on grass or asphalt.

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The appearance of a pole tent is very appealing, and many customers like the overall shape of the tent. It has very elegant curves, dips, and peaks, without any metal pipes showing on the roof area inside the tent.

Typically, a pole tent is used on ground or grassy areas as stakes driven into the ground to support the tent. At least one pole is placed in the center of the tent as the main support, sometimes more depending on the size of the tent. The larger the tent, the more support poles it will necessitate.

The center poles can be decorated with fabric, vines, flowers, or another aesthetic solution that fits your event’s style. If you feel like the center pole supports might not work for your event because it will block a view or get in the way, a high-peak tent might be a better solution.

Mostly used for larger outdoor events, festivals, catering tents. Very high quality, always clean and in like-new condition. Many accessories are also available like sidewalls, windows, doors, heaters, A/C, and much more to offer your guests an experience they will remember.

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